For the best of business Experience, Edwasuper® software is not any ordinary Point Of Sale or Retail software but one that blend simplicity with details. It is all in the name projecting good sales as long as the Software is in place. 

This Master piece cuts across all industries from the complex office setting to a simple retail shop. Ensuring accountability by all users granting level priveledges and easy installation also controls single or multiple Points.



This part of Edwasuper Features control Inventory assisting in the setting up of the product to selling and stocking issues. It also makes information about the individual products handy with a quick product query boxes. 

Everything to manage and regulate employee’s activities in the organisation can be controlled with the Human Resource Features cutting across employees data, Payroll, Ranks, Allowance and so forth.

You can setup the Company Information and Printers from here also Backing and restoring data from the Utility Feature

You have got it if you need a very vigorous security to  define who does what and at what time it was done, the Security Features will take care of all that.

For the Accountant to be able to control the financials of the organisation, the Edwasuper Account features cuts across all Banking transaction, to Trial and Balance sheets and all forms of accounts reporting. The Accounts Feature is the right hand for the Account to be accurate in reporting

Edwasuper does not uses the system date but is regulated by the user and administrator of the system to properly manage End Of Day Transaction

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